The Homeless Experiment In Pictures

Though it’d be interesting to visually see the transformation from Neville Medhora to Neville the Bum and back:

How I normally dress. Everyday.

12 days of no shaving

17 days of no shaving. Hair is starting to get a little out of control.

My new invention: Lightweight homeless signs

A few hours before starting

Putting on my best “pity pose” face

I’m sure my Mom wasn’t happy that her first born was sleeping under a bridge.

Home sweet bridge!

Does YOUR house have a river running through it, an aviary, garden, plenty of fresh air, large backyard and a million dollar roof?!

My room.

Black Mike sleeping on his mattress.

The bum just bumming around

After brushing my teeth in the public library bathroom

Kicking of the Homeless Drinking Experiment

Waking up from the aftermath trying to clean my clothes.

Hungover + Broken slab of concrete = bed

Was it comfortable? Hell no! Did I get bitten up by ants? Yes.

I’m now a trained street fighter

I often didn’t know what time it was or what I looked like.

This is what I looked like right before I stepped back into my house after 5 days.

First order of business back home, discard of EVERYTHING.

2nd order of business: SHOWER

I was VERY happy to take a proper shower

Even though I kind of liked the beard, 3rd order of business was to shave

All smooth again!

Back to normal. I look 5 years younger and 10 years less mature.

Did I develop more sympathy for the homeless = Not really.

Did I learn much = Yes.

Glad I did it = Yes.

Do I plan on doing this again = Nope.

Do I understand why people get trapped in homelessness: Yes.

Will I donate to the homeless community = Already did, probably not much more for now.

If you had to change one thing about the homeless shelter, what would it be = Have Earl Nightingale playing on repeat (link):