The Power of Craig

Money is all over the place, you just have to hunt it down.

One great place to find some easy money is CraigsList. Think of it as a localized, “free Ebay” in the style of a blog.

People post all sorts of things. On Craigslist you can

  • Find a temporary gig
  • Find a job
  • Find cars/motorcycles
  • Find an apartment
  • Share poetry/thoughts/rants
  • Find events in your area
  • Browse resumes

The reason Craigslist isn’t driving a knife through Ebay is because it’s localized and leaves all the logistics up to the poster. Ebay takes care of everything through the auction and then leaves you to deal with only ONE winner in the end. With CraigsList you must deal with every interested party via email.

This resource is NOT to be underestimated. If you live in a decently large area, you are bound to have a Craigslist. I regularly look over the Austin Craigslist and find TONS of easy-money gigs. If you sit at home all day….THERE IS NO EXCUSE not to look over CraigsList a few times a day!

Not only can you look for people who need help, you can also advertise yourself. If you are good at building cabinets, post yourself as “Great cabinet Builder for cheap” or something along those lines. It’s FREE exposure, why not?? I see posts all the time such as “9th grader wants money, will do odd jobs.”

I personally like looking in the SALE section under the FREE category. Also the GIGS section.


Oh yea, two months after taking a motorcycle safety course, I FINALLY took the exam and got my motorcycle license.

I will now have a license with a new picture and a new “M” on it