There’s never a good time

I’m learning to code. Again.

In high school I did some computer science.
I ATTEMPTED to get into the computer science program in college but got weeded out (15,000 students going for 5,000 spots).

And while I was never that great at programming, I was at least good enough at computers in general to be running several small web businesses while still in college.

And the reason was I was at least somewhat up-to-date with the technologies of the day.

Back then I knew:
–How to use a server.
–How to build a basic webpage.
–How to make ecommerce websites.
–How to buy & manage domain names.
–How to install content management systems (like WordPress) on my server.

Just kinda basic stuff to put up a website and make it do stuff.

However nowadays there’s been an emergence of much more powerful programming languages that are specifically made for the web, and you can do some cool stuff with them. And I wanna learn em!

I just wanna be able to talk intelligibly about projects to an engineer or freelancer. So I’m taking the month of April to bone up on my coding skills.

Plus….I just flat out kinda wanna learn for fun cause I think it’s cool :-)

But guess what…….April is pretty busy for me. But then May, June, July…….EVERY MONTH there’s always something!

There’s never a “good time” to do anything. You just have to do it.

It’s funny how after college people think learning ONE new thing on the side is hard. But whilst IN college people are learning like EIGHT new things at a time and often working also.

So what’s the difference?

Why can we learn so much stuff at once in that environment?

The answer is: a combination of PRESSURE and CLEAR GOALS.

Financial pressure
Social pressure
Clear Goals
damn near guaranteed success.

….and that’s exactly how I’m gonna hold myself accountable for learning to code in April.

Like this!

Neville Medhora