Vegas, Wallet, BIDU, Money Update

My planned Vegas Gambling Experiment never reached fruition because the night of my birthday I lost my wallet.

I’ve since cancelled and renewed everything in there, but the lack of credit/debit cards left me powerless to purchase anything…so I only had $400 in cash for the trip after that point. This means blowing $200 on gambling wasn’t an option.

On another note, I did make approx $120 from Vegas, but probably because I’m an extremely boring gambler. I’d put a dollar in a machine whenever I would walk by the gaming floors at different casinos, spin a few times, and the second I double my dollar, I’d cash out. This actually happened A LOT. I swear these slot machines felt like free ATM’s. I’d put in a dollar, get $2….put in a dollar, get $6……put in a dollar, get $15…

Of course I lost sometimes also, but little by little the winnings added up to a decent amount. Odds are if you gamble with your winnings, you will lose them…so unless you get great pleasure out of casino gambling (which I don’t) then it’s pointless.


As for my lost wallet, it seems someone found it, charged $70 of gas on the credit card, got their other car and charged an additional $40 of gas.

Nothing else was charged. It seems an otherwise honest person, found the wallet and took advantage of an easy situation. I’m sure they also enjoyed the $70 of cash inside. Perhaps they could use some of that cash to at least ship back the wallet.

My business cards which have my websites were also in the wallet…so whoever found my wallet might be reading this right now.

Enjoy the free gas!


I paid for my Vegas trip from the Spending1 and Spending2 accounts.
–Ticket = $300
–My share of Hotel + Internet charges = $140
–Cash spent = $500
–Total Spent = $940


I sold my first stock in I don’t know how long. It was Baidu (BIDU). It was kind of an impulse purchase I made a while ago after reading TheKirkReport one day. I put $1,000 on it, and a little later it went down 75%. Instead of being rational and quickly selling this very speculative stock I knew nothing about, I held it and haven’t checked it for a very long time. I saw I was recently up 25% and decided to get out. $230 pocketed after fees. Dumb luck, as I knew absolutely nothing about the stock.


General Account – $ 4,731
Spending Account – $ 87
Spending Account 2 – $ 42

Investment Account – $ 3,704
Bill Account – $ 739
Permanent Savings – $ 4,891
Charity Account – $ 318
Stock Portfolio Value – $ 11,227
Roth IRA – $ 6,912
Emigrant Direct – $ 5,020
Total Liquid Assets – $ 37,671

Credit Card Balance – $ 0
Business Holding – $ 6,645
Total On Hand – $ 44,316