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My longest held business has a phone number, and paying for phone service costs me around $21/month. Since I deal with people in all states, I always call people back with my cell phone….this confuses customers with different area codes and intermingles my personal and work life.

The perfect answer seems to be Vonage. So long as you have a broadband connection, you can get unlimited phone service anywhere in the United States and Canada for $25/month. You can also select ANY area code and number, no matter where you are.

I bought a nice Vonage Router from Fry’s this weekend which also doubles as a wireless router. Cost: $118 with $100 rebate. I just sign up on their website and hook my phone directly into the router.

On Another Note:

For some other side projects, I’ve learned to use the WordPress blogging system. I installed it on my server with ease and picked it up quickly. It was extremely dynamic, quick and intuitive. Anyone with just a little bit of web publishing experience can pick it up in minutes.

On Yet Another Note:

Here are my current longterm stock holdings:

And on One More Note:

I did a Google Guide a while back, and to prove I knew what I was talking about, I did an experiment concerning the keyword “Starbucks Liquor”.

Well, the experiment worked and put me in the #1 spot when “Starbucks Liquor” is searched on Google. I get several hundred hits on my site p/week from people typing that keyword, so I decided to give them what they were searching for: Starbucks Liquor Recipe’s!