Wantrepreneur Video Intro

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…….I literally can’t stop laughing at the video intro to the next course I’m doing:

Wantrepreneur AppSumo Video

We’ve already made fun of “wantrepreneurs” who do EVERYTHING about starting a business….except anything useful.  So that’s what this intro was for.  Eventually it will be part  of a longer video, but for now I just have the intro part ready

hahahahah (sorry, I had to laugh again at the level of cheesiness) :-)

This will be a continuation of the SumoBusinessBlueprint that’s helped so many people…….except this will be the Case Study Edition where I go through and show 4 different ways of going from idea to getting the first payday (in order from easiest to hardest).

Should be out soon :-)

Let me know if there’s any particular questions you have (although I already got like 140+ emails about this….so I’m pretty sure case studies and the ACTUAL PROCESS are what people wanna see).