Weekend Update

’twas a crazy weekend with lots of friends, food and fun….but highly unproductive!

Next week from beginning till the end will be extremely hectic and busy, the way I like it. Dynegy and Syntel report quarterly earnings this coming week which should shake up the portfolio, and a sleu of school assignments will help keep me busy in the meantime.

I made an Ebay sale which netted $100. This money will go 20% to spending account, 40% to investment account and 40% to permanent savings. My permanent savings account is getting ready to hit the $6,000 mark, and I am worried I might try to touch it. I don’t trust myself with that cash laying around, especially since I am graduating soon and will be in need of lots of it! Because of this I need to quickly open an IRA account. Recommendations?

My next published article will be on savings for college students. A common problem many college students face is spending their savings, or worse, not saving at all. I will be researching all sorts of different savings accounts for this article. It will be a challenge to make IRA’s interesting and understandable, but I think I can pull it off!