Writing a book in 2 weeks Experiment!

This is another one of those “There’s-really-no-practical-reason-of-doing-this-other-than-that-I-just-want-to-because-I-think-It’ll-be-cool” experiments.

I have no idea why, but I feel like I can write, format, publish and print a PHYSICAL book for NevBlog within 2 weeks.

Correction, it’s not going to be a full-fledged book….I think it’ll be more of a glorified pamphlet.

I want to see how fast I can make a book out of my blog and get it in-hand printed.

So today I am officially kicking off the “Write a Book In 2 Weeks Experiment”!

I already know the end goal, so here’s what I need to do in the next 14 days:

  1. Come up with concept/title ideas.
  2. Start putting Facebook ads out like 4HWW style to split test names (optional step).
  3. Find out what format to write in (PDF or Word) to get it printed correctly.
  4. Write Chapter 1
  5. Write Chapter 2
  6. Write Chapter 3
  7. Write Chapter 4
  8. Write Chapter 5
  9. Write Chapter 6
  10. Write Chapter 7
  11. Write index
  12. Formatting and editing
  13. Agree on title from Facebook ads click-through-rates
  14. Create book cover – Upload to service for printing like OffTheBookShelf.com or LuLu.com.  Apply for ISBN number.

That’s the rough plan.

Now I’ll soooorrt of be cheating, because each chapter I’m going to write has already been written.  Essentially I’ll be making each chapter out of a blog post.

For example, I might write about the Facebook fan site I made a while back and then sold for a small sum.  That whole saga was already done and documented:




…..so one chapter might consist of that story.  It’s already been done, but it’ll still require a lot of formatting and re-doing the photos for the book version.

But if I keep up the one-chapter a day pace I’ll have some extra time to do all the other miscellaneous things that might come up (I’m saving a whole day for formatting errors…..there’s ALWAYS formatting errors).

Anywhoozle, I’ll be starting this tomorrow.  First step will be to come up with the subject of the bamphlet (book / pamphelt).

Random title and subject brainstorms (based off blog posts I already have done):

  • 7 weird ways I made money through college
  • 7 ways I made money without a job
  • 7 stupid ways I’ve made money

Other suggestions are welcome!