It feels good to be getting stuff done recently!

DAMN it feels good to be getting stuff done recently!!

I’m not saying I’m working a lot more than normal, but I’ve been gaining “momentum” once again (I scheduled my 2013 too lax, and barely got anything done).

There are literally days when I work at home and watch YouTube and read Digg the ENTIRE….ENTIRE….ENTIRE DAY.

It almost amazes me how I can waste that much time.
It’s almost…….impressive!

Anyhow, here’s some things I’ve done this year that have helped me get my mojo back, perhaps you can pick some lessons (my favorite is the last one):

1.) I took a Thailand Workcation.  
This was mixture of play and work.  But the main objective was:

“Do work, by a beach”.  

That was the motto of the trip:

2.) Scheduling creative writing times with other bloggers/entrepreneurs.  
Simply being around other people who are working towards similar things really helps.  On some Wednesdays I invite a couple people over to have “Creative Writing Time”.  The rules are you have to be WRITING something:

Here’s me, Noah Kagan, and Ryan Holiday in a pool (even thought it’s 50 degrees outside):

3.) Keeping accountable with other entrepreneur peeps.
My friend Billy from Forever Jobless and I are meeting with a select group of people every month, and the lessons learned are awesome.  It almost makes you wanna do a lot of stuff before each call.

4.) Co-working when I’m not being productive.  
Simply working around another person makes me more productive.  I dunno why, but it sure works!  I just call people up and see if they want to work.

5.) I put up a giant mirror in front of my workspace.  
Instead of a guitar sitting right there, I now see my monthly/quarterly goals staring me in the face.  Sure kicks me back into gear.

6.) Using Self Control App.
But I think one of my FAVORITE new things I’ve tried, is nuking the time-wasting sites I use.  I do this using Self-Control App.

I added a blacklist of:,,, and

When I click the “start” button on SelfControlApp, I can no longer access those sites for a certain amount of time (I’ll generally put it for 5 hours).

However I can still access Gmail, Google Docs, Aweber and all the other useful things I use online:

If you haven’t been all that productive lately, at least one of these might help push you in the right direction!

Have a happy Thursday :)
Neville – A very lazy man

P.S.  Oddly enough this Wednesday I spent from 7am till 7pm fiddling around with WordPress stuff.  I actually had a lot of fun doing it!

It reminded me of college when I took computer science classes (which I got kicked out of the first year) and would sit at a coffee shop with headphones in and work on my laptop till 6am.

It’s weird how THAT sounds fun to me!

Blog posted on: February 26, 2014

9 comments on “It feels good to be getting stuff done recently!

  1. Simon Green

    Neville, these are great tips. I don’t have a bunch of people nearby to co-work, but I wish I did, because every time I co-work, a lot of great ideas come about.

    I’ll add a couple more items for you:

    1. Track time with Pomodairo for Mac. It’s a pomodoros technique app. You work in 25 minute intervals. Helps keep track of how long you worked on something and how wrong you were when it took 3 times as long :)

    2. Try listening to “focus” music. There’s a website called “focus@will” which is good for this.

    3. Cross things off lists. (You do this pretty well already)

  2. Ben

    Awesome stuff Neville.

    I use Self Control, do weekly skype calls with an accountability coach and am planning a ‘workification’ in South East Asia in a few months.

    Great minds think alike ;)

    P.S. the other one that’s made the most difference for me is making sure I do 30mins of exercise EVERY day. If I miss my morning run I’m nowhere near as energetic and motivated for the rest of the day.

  3. Sebastien Gignoux

    Hi Neville,

    This is really great and inspiring. Because of you, I am doing a “6 weeks Japanese workation” starting next week. Lot’s of stuff on the todo list : getting a couple of project off the ground, improving my japanese to the point I could start working in japanese, having fun.

    On the productivity side, I have been experimenting with adding a number of “points” (0pt, 2pts, 4pts, …) to each tasks of my todo. The “points” are not dependant on the time, but on roughly how much the task will contribute to my goals: writing a blog post is 4pts but the laundry is 0pt, even if they both take the same time. The tool I am using is computing the totals with nifty graph ( and you get a great sense of how much you did every day and every week towards your goals. And if you’re a little bit competitive you might want to beat your previous week points ;-)


    P.S.: thanks for all the blog post, I am learning and trying new stuffs every time I read one.

  4. Brian

    Self Control App + $38 to build a standup workstation + whiteboard above monitor = more productivity.

    Great post by the way! Jealous of the workcation!

    1. Craig

      When your legs are tired what do you sit on? My awesome buddie made me a standup workstation but I’ve having trouble finding a bar stool tall enough to sit on when I’m tired.

  5. Craig

    Focus@will is awesome. I use Momentum for Chrome to keep me focused every time I open a new tap. It’s also pretty inspirational.

  6. Ed Stephens

    I got a couple that help me out that might be of interest to some others.

    Take work laptop home – but do not bring charger. This gives me 2hrs 30 mins battery tops. It is then not a question of when I work/how long I take/what sites I visit. I have MacBook as back up – but you would be amazed how much extra you can get done.

    Use watch videos at 2x playback speed – it’s like ‘active’ listening. Because your brain has to pay full attention you actually get distracted less/take in more. It takes time for your brain to get used to, but then normal vid speeds feel so slow.

    Baste your wall in Magic White Board Sheets – pretty much turns your room into that of a lunatic/creative genius. Just write all over it.

    Using a Jawbone UP24 (to track sleep & wake me up).
    Motivational Vid – Instantly if floundering, watch favourite Schwarzenegger motivation vid. It’s almost a punishment now – even thinking about having to watch it makes me realise i’m being a douche and pick up my ideas.


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