How to crash a party

NOTE: These are the exact methods I used to crash parties where I’d meet all sorts of high-up people at a time when I wasn’t exposed to that sort of thing.

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3rd NOTE: I made an “Ultimate How To Crash A Party Guide Cheat Sheet” PDF file for you to download.  You can save this on your phone or computer so you have a quick guide (and motivation) for when you crash a party. You can download it here.


There was a point in college where I was making money running small businesses on the side, but I wasn’t rolling in piles of money either (plus I was extraordinarily cheap back then too).

At the same time, I’d also find out about all these fancy parties that rich people went to. Well….I wanted to be a rich person one day, so I figured going to these parties and being AROUND other rich people would help.

The problem was these parties were always fundraisers for whatever charity….and that meant you had to buy a ticket that would go to charity. Often times this was $300 or even $1,000+ for ONE ticket!

As a cheap college student, that kind of money made my eyes pop out. There was no way in hell I’d pay that.

In particular, one mentor of mine at the time was the one who knew about all these parties, and had friends that attended them too.

I’d hear all about these parties, and the cool people he’d get to mingle with in casual situations, and I was very envious and wanted to go.

You see…..I would go to all sorts of speeches made by rich & famous people all the time in college…..but since these were public speeches, there were always TONS of other people vying for their attention at the same time. At most you’d get to have a Q&A session with someone, but not much more.

Being able to casually chat with a rich or famous person was WAY more appealing to me. So these parties became a thing of intrigue.

Eventually the same mentor who told me about all these parties tipped me off about a very exclusive private party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin….with entertainment by the singer Elton John.

I wasn’t really an Elton John fan at the time…..but I was told A LOT of very wealthy people would be there. I believe the crowd was limited to about 200 people that night….so this was a very exclusive guest list.

Out of the blue, this mentor called me up around 6pm and said, “Wear a tuxedo and get your ass to the Four Seasons right now!!” He would try to see if he could sneak me in.

Even if I was willing to pay the high price of admission….it wouldn’t matter. This was a strictly invite-only affair and there were no tickets simply for sale.

I immediately dropped everything I was doing and started changing into my tux…..oh wait…Non-existent tuxedo!

This was early college, and I still didn’t own any really nice clothes.

I put on a plain black dress shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Both of which were large and baggy on me….and headed over.

The first indication that I didn’t belong at the event was when everyone in their Mercedes and Porsches were being directed to the valet parking area….and I balked at the $7 price and immediately KNEW I wasn’t gonna pay $7 to park!

I self-parked and walked into the hotel nervous as hell.

“What if they kick me out?”

“What if they know I’m not invited?”

“What if they ask me for a ticket?”

…..these thoughts ran through my head. But then I remembered the advice of my mentor…he told me, “Just walk in like you OWN the place, and they won’t say a thing.”

This comforted me a bit….until I got in the hotel, and it was a bunch of tall, older white men with impeccable tuxedos, and a bunch of white women with very expensive gowns and dresses on.

I gulped a bit….because in walks this small Indian kid dressed in un-ironed baggy khakis a plain black shirt.

I looked like the help!

In fact, “the help” was dressed better than I was!!

For a second the striking difference between me and the rest of the crowd made me nervous……but alas I kind of pulled through and said, “FUCK IT. What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen here?? This is just a private party….I’m not breaking into a bank or federal building right? At the ABSOLUTE MOST they’ll ask me to leave.”

I stuck my head up in the air like I was King-Fucking-Charles and charged past the checkin line where everyone was getting their tickets checked and getting their seat numbers.

I pretended I was in a hurry, not worrying about gently shoving people out of the way.

I could see the security guards eyeing me down….but my hurriedness and sheer balls of pushing my way through the crowd made it APPEAR that I belonged!

It worked! No one said a thing!

I realized the security guards were likely getting paid $10 an hour….and if this stupid little kid was someone’s son, or part of Elton John’s crew…or whatever…..they weren’t going to risk physically stopping him.


…and I was thrilled.

Now the hard part came. I knew NO ONE.    ::gulp::

The tiny guest list ensured that only 200 or so people would be there…and it seemed they ALL knew each other.

Immediately I knew that this would be fly or die… I decided to fly….and meet some people so it looked like I wasn’t some loser who crashed a charity event (which of course…I was).

I saw a guy (who was tall, white, and wearing a tuxedo of course) standing alone briefly as he left conversation and I said something along the lines of, “Ahh….it feels good wearing the penguin suit in summer right?”

…..he laughed…..and I immediately started saying, “Yeah, I said screw it this time…it’s too hot!” (referring to my less-than-appropriate attire).

He laughed again….. I then asked, “What line of business are you in?”

I still remember this years later…..he said, “Carpet!”

My lame conversation starter and NOT so-subtle cues that “I totally belonged there” worked!

His business piqued my curiosity and we started having a cool conversation about how he built up a carpeting empire.

Fortunately I ran (a drop shipping company) and a few other small businesses at the time….so I had something to talk about on my end which fascinated him too.

….of course I never let him know exactly how SMALL these companies were :-)

From the conversation he probably thought I was some young tech entrepreneur that made millions in the tech bubble.

That was good at the time….this was my first time hanging with so many high caliber people….I wanted that misunderstanding on my side!

Fake it till you make it baby!

Anyhow….I made sure to get this guys name so I could at least fall back knowing SOMEONE at the party.

I then hit up another person, and another.

After a while, I was walking through the cocktail room saying, “What’s up John! Hey Tim! Did your wife reach yet??”

This was schmoozing at it’s finest! And I’ve gotta say….it worked like a charm.

With all my “friends” there….Anyone viewing from the outside would’ve definitely thought I belonged.

It was also at this party that I discovered a remarkably effective “friend-pickup” technique for these particular types of parties:

The bar line.

You see, at all these charity events the booze is free….and flowing.

Whatever you want, it’s all there, and 100% free.

I guess they do this for two reasons:

Reason 1.) You already pay a pretty penny just to get into these parties.


Reason 2.) They wanna get you nice and tipsy for the upcoming auctions. The drunker you are…the more you spend!

Anyhow…back to the free booze.

Usually at the cocktail hours that’s always before the main event, everyone is lining up for drinks at the bars.

At this party there was always at least 5 to 8 people waiting in line. I would simply stand in line behind someone, and immediately strike up a conversation with the following line, “Oh man a line….I need my booze now. Next time I’m bringing flask!”

They’d laugh and remark about the lines the whole night too. I’d ask them, “So whatchya getting when our number is called?”

….and they’d say something like, “Oh me and my wife always drink Gin & tonic (or whatever)”
….at which point I’d say, “Good choice….you come to these often…I’ve never seen you around?”

Doesn’t matter how lame…the point was staying in conversations!

I’d also make it a VERY strong point to introduce myself quickly after, so I could get their name also.

Also the “what line of business are you in” question would pop up quickly so I’d have something else to know them by.

My bar line trick was very effective….because by default you’ve got a minute or two to spend chatting with this person, and they’re usually not gonna be a complete douche because they’re basically stuck with you.

I was building up my arsenal of friends at the party one-by-one……and then it would SNOWBALL.

For example, I’d be talking to someone named John….when out of the blue he’d see a friend of HIS named Bill.

John will call Bill over and say hello, and then introduce ME to Bill! Now this Bill guy thinks I somehow actually belong….and not to mention I’m talking to a crowd of people who appears to know me, which is always good for the party planners to see so they don’t get suspicious.

Now just shortly after entering the room knowing NOBODY, I’m engrossed in conversations, saying hi to people everywhere and working the room!

Everything was going great until dinner was announced. It was a PACKED house and every seat in the ballroom was taken.

I went around from friend-to-friend to scope out if they had a seat, but all their tables were 100% packed to the limit.

I kind of panicked and left the ballroom. I retreated to the cocktail area and “pretended to be on an important business call”.

Eventually I found some other people hanging out there during dinner and struck up conversations.

A fortunate break was when Elton John started playing in front of the guests, a lot of people got out of their chairs and stood up towards the front for a better view. I was in luck! I simply stood with everyone else and enjoyed pretty much the most mind-blowing performance I’d ever seen.

FYI….I never really cared or knew who Elton John was (other than the Lion King song), but after that day, I’ve been an Elton John fan ever since.

It was just one man and a piano…..and that room was just FILLED with unbelievable music.

ANYHOW….I enjoyed myself, got to see a mind-blowingly great performance….

But more importantly is….I was mingling in a group full of WEALTHY people whom I admired. That was the goal.

Normally I didn’t have access to this kind of environment……but as with a lot of things in life, if you want it bad enough, you have to go out and get it.

Now since this first party, I’ve crashed MANY parties I wasn’t invited to, or just flat out couldn’t afford. Some methods of getting to these parties or events were borderline illegal….no….wait….let me correct that statement….some methods of getting into these parties or events were DEFINTELY illegal.

…and I’ve got criticism for that.

People would say, “All these people are giving to charity…and you’re sneaking in, eating the food, drinking the booze….all for free, at the expense of a CHARITY.”

Hmmm….in that light I really look like a monster.

But I look at it this way:
There’s people at these events I want to be like…..and currently I am NOT like them. In reality, I didn’t have access to those things…..and couldn’t afford to pay the price to get in. But making certain connections, learning certain things from the people there…can HELP me become more successful in the future….and at some point hopefully be able to buy full tables at these events.

But at the time….I couldn’t. So I had to get in some other way.

A lot of people in the beginning of successful careers did things that were not completely legal or ethical…..but it was how they scraped by in the beginning.

For example:

  • In middle school I used to illegally download music and software and burn it onto CD’s for paying customers.
  • Richard Branson of the Virgin Music empire used to drive a van full of new records back and forth between countries in Europe to avoid paying taxes on them.
  • The founders of Apple, Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak….made their very first product in 1971….and it was a device that exploited the phone networks and let you illegally place calls for free.
  • Las Vegas in it’s early days was a hangout for pimps, thugs, prostitutes, drug dealers and mobsters……but over time grew up into a proper tourist attraction.

Often out of the ghettoness and scrappiness, emerges something more refined.

And that was my justification.

Through crashing parties I’ve got to meet people like Lance Armstrong, Michael Dell, Elton John, Andy Roddick, Paul Mitchell and a bunch of other non-famous business people (there’s a list of them at the end of this post).

I’ve also got tons of advice from people at these parties, and learned a lot about various businesses.


But let’s re-focus here….and show how YOU can crash parties too……if you’ve got the balls.


STEP #1.) Finding a party is by far the hardest part.
You have to live in at least in a moderately good sized city. I lived in Austin, TX. this whole time….and honestly I never thought a lot of fancy charity events and parties happened here….but I was really wrong.

The mentor that told me about most of these parties taught me to keep a spreadsheet of all the parties I’d hear about or attend….and usually the parties would happen at the same time every year.

I had about 50 webpages booked marked that I’d go through each week. They were the big charities websites, and I would keep their EVENTS pages book marked and tracked on the spreadsheet.

I’d also read those high society magazines about the Austin area. You can find them at nice spas or rich area grocery stores. They usually have lots of pictures from high profile events in there….and I’d write down the event, so next year I could crash it.

I always had bookmarks of ALL the events pages around Austin…especially the University of Texas speakers that would come in town.

It’s not only high profile events you can crash….but lots of university private things.

A friend once tipped me off that Michael Dell would be speaking at her law school class (apparently his brother taught at the UT Law School for a while). I crashed that and it was an awesome talk.

So step #1 is finding out about parties. Start keeping tabs of what’s going down. It involves doing research every week, but it’s the only way to find out about all this stuff unless you’ve got someone on the inside.

Step #2 to crashing a party is:

BUY A TUXEDO! This one’s for the guys. Girls can usually get away with having a decently nice dress…..but in my experience it’s better to go alone, because the point of these parties is to force yourself to MINGLE. And if you have a date with you, you could get complacent and just hang out together without getting out of your comfort zone.

Anyhow….buy a regular old black tuxedo. It’s always OK to be over-dressed….but you don’t wanna show up to a black-tie event (which means TUXEDO’S for guys), and get turned away due to dress code.

I bought mine at K&G Men’s Warehouse for $150. They’re really not that expensive when you consider it usually will cost at least $300 just to attend one of these events.

If you show up overdressed, you now have your tuxedo as a great conversation starter!

I’d say my tuxedo has paid for itself MANY MANY MANY times over by now!

It’s funny how simply wearing a tuxedo gives you automatic status… works so well I find it absolutely hilarious.

One really cool event we crashed was on a FREAKIN MILITARY BASE AT NIGHT. That means you had to drive to this very specific location at night, on a military base…..and even though I didn’t have a ticket…..the fact that I showed up at the exact private location IN A FREAKIN TUXEDO let the people working there know I belonged.

They didn’t even question for a moment. But if I had waltzed in with jeans and a t-shirt, it may have been a different story.

Step # 3 to crashing a party:
Keep old name badges and wristbands from different events. Almost every time when you check in with a ticket, they will give you some sort of identification that you belong.

Almost every time it’s a lanyard you wear around your neck, a namebadge to put on your shirt, or a wristband.

I have a collection of these….and when I go to an event, I bring a bunch of em. I scope out what everyone is getting, and put on the closest thing.

At events that I’ve crashed, it’s almost always a lanyard with a name badge at the end that everyone wear around their necks.

Since I’ve already got a couple of these, I pick the lanyard that looks the closest, wear it around my neck….

And the trick is….

You tuck it under your suit.

This way it appears you’re wearing the lanyard, but they can’t see the badge you’re wearing. By sheer assumption, everyone presumes you’ve just accidentally pulled your suit jacket over the lanyard.  Whooopsie ;-)

I would attend entire conferences like this!! Even if the lanyard color was different! They would just presume you had a different type of badge than they did.

Step #4.) Press badges:

In college I had my blog, and I also published three articles in the University of Texas newspaper (which happens to be the #1 college newspaper in the country)… I would sometimes just make up shit and say I was covering the event as press!

This works SURPRISINGLY well.

Think about it, every event likes press coverage….and I was a quote on quote…“member of the press”!

One of the really neat-o things I found out about press access….was that the press almost always has it’s own table at a lot of events! This means you’ll always have a spot for dinner (although it’s better to mingle and sneak in with other people if you get the chance).

You can also sometimes get into exclusive press conferences with press access. At one event I crashed, I got to meet the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I won’t go into details about that, because the methods used to crash that event were HIGHLY illegal…..but the short of is: I had press access, yadda yadda yadda, got to be in a room with only 25 people, half of which were big-ass security guards, and the Prime Minister of Malaysia giving a press address 5 feet in front of me. I then politely asked one of his assistants if I could take a personal picture with him (I didn’t DARE approach the guy myself with the level of security he had)….and I got the picture!

You can Google Image the term Prime Minister of Malaysia Neville to see the photo!

Step #5 to crashing a party:
Do your research at the venue beforehand. Almost always you can find alternative entrances to enter the party.

One time me and a friend had no luck getting through the main entrance of a party at the Hilton Ballroom.

So we went up to the hotel’s 17th floor (randomly). Picked out a room number to lie that we were staying there….then found the service elevators.

We were both in tuxedos.

We went down a few floors, and a maid got on the elevators. We made a joke that our room was close to the elevators and we were too lazy to walk to the real elevators.

She smiles, laughed, and got off a few floors down (I don’t think she understood what we were saying….or cared).

Then the elevator stopped again, and a freakin SECURITY GUARD got on with us. Damn.

The security guard was a young black guy (he actually kind of looked like the singer Usher)….and we immediately laughed and said, “Sorry man, we’re in room 1716 and were just too damn lazy to walk to the regular elevators!”

He responded, “You guys look like a million bucks! Where ya trynna go?”

We told him the big ballroom downstairs, and pretend to play dumb, “Can we just get out on the 4th floor and go there?”

He said “No way…this is the service area, I’ll take you to the ballroom!”

So we all got off on the 4th floor, and the security guard was leading us through a maze of service area halls. We ended up coming out to a back entrance of the ballroom where another security guard was standing at attention. Our security guard said, “These guys are with me” and let us through into the party!!

We were laughing our ASSES off that we first got kicked out of line for having no tickets….now we had our own little police escort INTO the party!!!  HA!

This was all thanks to simply knowing the venue a bit before arriving.

Step #6  to crashing a party:
The trick, is to OWN the room.

Before you walk in, literally tell you brain that, “I own this joint….these motherfuckers work for ME.”

The air of confidence (or arrogance) you give off will discourage people from stopping you.

In fact, I’m going to give you my NUMBER ONE NO-FAIL method to getting into a fancy party:

Step #7 – the last-resort-works-every-time-method:
If you use all the tips I’ve given you…and couple it with this last one….you’ll DEFINITELY be able to crash almost any party.  Here’s how you do it:

Wear your nice tuxedo, bring a plain wine glass (one dollar a piece at Wal-Mart), a cocktail napkin, a cell phone, and a flask with red wine in it.

Right before you walk in the venue, pour some of the wine into the wine glass, and wrap the cocktail napkin around it.

You’re ready to walk in.

Start talking on your cell phone, holding your wine glass and cocktail napkin (so it appears you were already inside)… start power walking through the door.

If someone has the balls to stop you and check you for ticket, you just simply SHUSH them as if you’re annoyed (since you’re talking on the phone) ….and you keep on walking!

This has worked for me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Here’s a brief illustration of how you do it:

Checkout out that “DON’T HASSLE ME BRO” look!

Think about it….the person checking people in is probably making $12 an hour, or is a volunteer…..they don’t want to risk being mean to the “rich person” walking inside in a hurry (who CLEARLY has been inside because he’s holding a half-full wine glass).

The way you look with a wine glass, cell phone, hurried walk and tuxedo attire….is an almost guaranteed admission inside if you pull it off correctly!

SOOOO there ya go. That’s how to find and crash parties.

Most people reading or listening to this will never do this… takes a lot of balls and determination to try something like this….but in the end, it was totally worth it.

The people I met, the stories I got, the things I learned, and the pictures I got from these parties were amazing.

I definitely think it was one of those things that’s helped drive me…..and if nothing else, provide some damn interesting stories and fun times :-)

This is Neville Medhora. Goodnight.

Here’s some other posts about parties I crashed:

Neil Strauss’ people contacted me saying Neil liked this post….so I made a little bonus video for everyone showing how to crash parties (and no….I have no idea where my bow tie went)!


P.S.  I made an “Ultimate How To Crash A Party Guide Cheat Sheet” PDF file for you to download.  You can save this on your phone or computer so you have a quick guide (and motivation) for when you crash a party. You can download it here for free.

Blog posted on: February 11, 2012

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  1. Matthew Jones

    So was there ever a party that you just couldn’t get into? Like, one with security so over the top that you just couldn’t break through?

    Loving the wine glass trick. That’s… Awesome ;-)

      1. Ben

        Why do Indians always use a three-character smiley face? I’m pretty sure the two-character smiley face is more popular overall among people who type things that I read, but among Indians the three-character smiley face is all I see!

        1. Orange bob

          Rubbish. The :-) is Europe/British English, which has its roots in India.
          More people speak the various dialects of English (including emoticons) than US English.

          You will find addition of the nose – character to be used frequently in the US and internationally.

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Great Post Neville-

    you probably should’ve made a product with these tactics in your student times, I’d think lot’s of other students would like to crash a party OR like

    movie premieres, climate conferences whatever one likes!

    PS: I listened to the audio, very cool for long posts like this!

      1. Arik Ermshaus

        Ooooh this “I don’t gonna spend money on this stuff” people suck like…fuck. It’s like foreseeable that just few people would spend money on that cause the average

        SUCKS TO HARD for this cool information. – And this tactics r like very fucking new, it’s not shit you find in eeeevery blog in the wWw, it’s like deep-as-fuck cool information!

        Keep on doing similar cool stuff like this. . .you’re NOT average like all the softies outside, you’re crazy-as-fuck and that’s like AWESOME-as-fuck. :-)

        -your personal german fat-ass Sumo-ling Arik

        P.S. I think most people just have to average NAMES to do that cool stuff, so they automatically think they’re average.

        NEVILLE and ARIK. . .like cool-as-fuck! :-D

  3. Jim

    Sorry dude, you lost me at the booze line. There are blogs about how to date a celebrity out there too. Check ‘em out. R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

  4. Altin

    super great amazing story Nev haha. You always make articles fun to read.
    that last picture “Don’t Hassle Me Bro” made me finally laugh, I would probably let you in if I was the person checking people there :D

  5. Kyle

    I used to crash parties in college but for very less ambitious reasons (think girls/booze). My friend and I would call them adventures. We’d walk by a house that sounded like a party was going on inside and we’d walk in like we knew someone.

    The first time we did this was the worst one (no girls but booze). Long story short, one guy starts talking about my junk, another guy starts barking in my face, my friend calls said guy a ‘mongrel’, said guy threatens to fight us because he doesn’t know what that means, 2 guys display manliness by breaking bottles on their heads, the previous ‘mongrel’ ends up biting me in the leg… we leave hahaha college.

  6. Alan

    I agree with you, it’s totally worth it!
    I do that all the time, but I live in a much smaller city, so charity events are not as frequent, and the people who usually attend is just the richest people in the city, sometimes in the region.
    Anyways, they also know a lot of stuff, I’ve learnt so many things out of them, and one time I did business with a guy and it went very well, since then we became good friends.

    Wonderful post Neville.

    1. Neville Post author

      Nice, good job Alan!

      The point was to keep pushing out the old comfort zone in order to grow. That was the point of crashing these parties (in addition to being fun) :-)

  7. shane

    Awesome post! Love the “don’t hassle me bro look” btw haha.

    It’s scary how similar this is to my life right now. I’ll be doing exactly this at as many sxsw events in March.

    Wish me luck :-)

    1. Neville Post author

      NICE! I live 4 blocks away from the convention center :-)

      …..and even though I had a badge last year, there were some great “sneaking-in” stories for parties that were just WAY too crowded!

  8. Matt

    Neville, this post is SO SOLID! I’ve done the “walk with confidence” before with a pretty good success rate, but the wine glass and flask is so crucial.

    This was inspiring and I will certainly use this when needed.

    Thanks man !

    1. Neville Post author

      No problem, glad you liked it Matt!

      As silly as it is……”looking the part” is extremely crucial.

      I want my surgeon to have scrubs, and a lamp on his head. Not wearing jeans.

      I want my butcher to be holding a big ass knife and wear a white apron.

      I want the pope to wear some ornate outfit.

      The guy who LOOKS like he belongs inside….just might :-)

  9. Max

    haha very interesting article!

    Some years ago I did the “Don’t hassle me bro”-look to get into the VIP of some big new years eve event in Europe.

    Excatly the same attitude holding my cellphone, having an “important call” just walking in without showing the securities my badge. haha.

    1. Neville Post author

      If you look at it from the other way around (as if YOU were the volunteer or security guard), the appearance you give off acting like that works VERY well :-)

  10. Cameron

    Awesome post!

    Use to use the “I own the place attitude” all the time in college before I was 21.

    Another trick that has worked very well for me is to stand with the smokers (I don’t smoke, I just stand and talk with them) and then walk back in with them. Security is never paying attention on how many came out or how many are going back in.

    Also most security guys are into MMA or some kind of fighting. I would ask if they saw the fight and who won. They would start talking about it never look at the ID or check the list.

  11. Matthew "Nasty Clamps" Monroe

    Neville: A technique that works with mid-level networking events (those “booze ‘n’ schmooze” gatherings that cost between $25 and $75 to get into) is to simply buy some “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers at an office supply store, write your name on the sticker, slap the sticker on the front of your shirt or jacket before entering the venue, and then simply walk into the event – past all the people filling in their own name tags.

    What security guard, event planner, or ticket taker is going to stop a person who already has a “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker on the front of their jacket?

    1. Neville

      I have a ton of those “HELLO MY NAME IS:” stickers!

      I wore them ALL THE TIME to networking events….and I would be the ONLY ONE with a name tag…..and it was a fantastic conversation starter, and great way to get people to remember my name.

      Often I’d write this on it:
      NEVILLE….it rhymes with “devil”

      …and people would then know how to remember AND pronounce my name :-)

      1. Matthew "Nasty Clamps" Monroe

        I simply write my company’s name –– “Nasty Clamps” –– after the “Hello, My Name Is” part. It’s a GREAT conversation starter. I’ll see people staring at my name tag, silently mouthing the words “Nasty” and then “Clamp,” and that’s my cue to just walk right up to them, hold out my hand, and say “Howdy! Matt Monroe! Mister Nasty Clamps!” The very first question everyone wants to know is: “So, what exactly is it that you do?”

    1. Neville Post author

      You’re right…getting IN the party is the first step….working the room and meeting people is the most important (unless you’re actually just there for a free meal and booze)

  12. TylerG

    Hah! Amazing post. I have used several similar tactics to crash house parties (head to the bar, ask someone’s name, slip away… “who you here with?” “Me? Ted. Great guy…” blah blah blah.) Never thought of using this for something as Pimp as a big conference. Thanks for the great tips!

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  14. Marcy

    Nev…I LOVE this! I’m from a small town in rural Virginia so when I moved to Washington, DC, I had no idea how to get to know highly successful folks. Being poor growing-up and working as an inner-city teacher didn’t helped.

    So I figured I could ‘crash’ interesting events (charity, famous speakers etc). It took balls I didn’t have LOL! But the investment of a nice classic dress with pearls and heels worked most of the time as did pretending to see my friends already inside, bringing a wine glass (your best tip ever!) and mastering the ‘I own it’ look!!

    I can’t underscore how important it was for me to put myself out there and not just dream it. You gotta take action!

    1. Neville Post author

      Hahahha….this is just ONE way I used to meet people. By and far, the bulk of it was meeting up with people, legally going to events around the universities etc…….

      This was just kind of a “fast track” to meet certain people :-)

  15. Mr.Sax

    The social superstars are not the ones who crash parties – they’re the ones which are busy, because they’re invited to parties.

    Nice move to impress the socially poor readers. But sorry – it requires “balls and determination” to have success without lying, not playing tricks.

  16. guest

    what happens when two security guards just step in front of you and dont let you by, and wait you out until you are forced to talk to them?? when security steps in thats usually how it goes

    1. Neville

      That is just a “OMG WHAT IF” scenario a lot of people imagine. It pretty much never happens.

      Most things in real life never go to those ultra-horrific-worst-case scenarios!

      If you think like that for too long…you’ll never get anywhere

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  18. Jenna

    Only one word to describe this post: d-o-u-c-h-e.

    Cheap suit, your cheap belt is poking out and your white iPhone is gay.

  19. Teddy M

    Cool post sir. When I’m in the mood to meet women I do stuff like this at bars and clubs – just walk in, talk to the first person you see, and try to open up and make as many friends as you can. It’s a thrill… I intentionally do it solo too.

    But I really should apply this to something more useful for my career like youre doing.

    I’ll add using your cell phone is big time your friend in this process. It’s the perfect fall back if something awkward happens or you get stranded alone.

    1. Neville Post author

      Yup…same principles apply to a lot (if not MOST) situations.

      The cell phone definitely is a lifesaver. I’ve had times when it wasn’t going so smoothly where I’ve had “fake conversations” to appear busy :-)

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  21. Nat

    Great post, Neville! I have an Indian friend who exudes equally as much confidence as you do. I’m glad you met the Prime Minister of my country ;)

  22. rawrrr

    > *HEY. Hey you. Studies show if you don’t read everyday, you might die*

    Really? Excellent! Because after reading that post, I will definitely never ever read that blog again on purpose, it makes me feel like dieing.

    This so reeks of the same annoying “openess” and impertinence I have only come to experience from typically Indian and Pakistani hagglers on the street trying to lure you into their clothes store.

    Congratulations, you played the monkey for an educated business crowd and they gave you attention. How surprising, educated and intelligent people are actually friendlier and forgiving than you thought! But still you were a dancing monkey, nothing more. You really feel proud of yourself?

    Here is a hint: these people are getting approached by the likes of you ever single day, you really think they didn’t see through your “genius” charade you came up with in 2 seconds? I think rich people can’t stand anything less than people who talk to them just because they “admire” their wealth.

    Your demeanor and actions very clearly show… you wouldn’t stop at anything just to get some money and attention. You are the last person on earth I want to see coming into money because your borderline-religious fascination with it is dangerous and worrying.

    > *Often out of the ghettoness and scrappiness, emerges something more refined.*

    You are not ghetto nor do you accomplish anything actually pretty cool or worthwhile through shady means… you are just cheap and greedy. And you wrote a whole blog entry full of proof for that.

    And all those “genius” methods of being a cheap, greedy wannabe and what do you have to show for it? You talked to a couple of people… congratulations.

    1. Neville Post author

      Clearly you’re obsessed with me.

      I’ve noticed that people who write retarded posts like this ALWAYS turn out to be the best readers!

      I’ll see you again…and again….and again :-)

      1. rawrrr

        No, I’m obsessed with bashing people who are so full of themselves they have completely lost touch with reality so much that they post absolute no-brainers and extremely common knowledge as if they just had a revelation of Einsteinian magnitude. I promise you, I won’t ever EVER read anything you wrote again. All you get is one wake-up call, one LARTing and this was it. *plonk*

        1. Neville

          SEE!! You proved me right, you returned :-)

          …and you will continue to return….I’ll see you soon love

          -Nev (the guy you DEFINITELY will be reading again)

  23. Timor Kuliev

    Great post man! I really liked the glass wine trick!
    Here is mine tricks:
    1. to look like I know lots of people:
    as soon as I in, I ask the first group I see basic question like, where the bathroom is? when the event end? doesn’t matter, Then I smile and thank them, and ask another question or move on, and do this to couple more groups of people.
    This way I look like I know many of the people there.
    and it will be easier to talk to them later, if I chose to, and sometimes if they see me, they talked to me “did you found the bathroom?”…

    2. to look like i’m the manager:
    I will talk to the waiters, point to something while asking them something random, (like 1) and let them go, make it look like I just gave them orders.
    I will ask people if everything is alright, asking if they need something, like I’m really the host, and I want to make sure everyone having fun.

    3. My favorite – to look like a hot girl gave me her number:
    (it’s more a nightlife game thing, but you can also do this in the day and with guys)
    after quick chat (1-2 questions) I will pull my phone, and ask them something about it, so there will be a reason to give it to them for a moment, like “I just got this phone, do you think it’s heavy??” make them type something, “does it responsive as your Iphone? type something” to make it look like they entering their number, maybe take their phone and do the same…

    but don’t forget to smile often, touch people (not like a pervert) and just be social

    1. Neville Post author

      Nice job!

      That would be work great if you don’t know the crowd well.

      At a lot of these parties it was assumed most of the people in the crowd were at least doctors or business owners or lawyers etc… it was easy to swoop in with the “What line of business are you in” profession….because they’d USUALLY enjoy talking about that.

      Good suggestions :-)

  24. MIT GSW

    Awesome post! One event everyone should consider crashing is the MIT Global Startup Workshop, where some of the most world’s most powerful international entrepreneurs will be attending. This year, it’s in Istanbul, Turkey from March 28-30th. Check us out at

    (Of course, we would prefer it if you actually signed up rather than sneak in.)

  25. Joe

    I live in Washington DC and crash a lot of events. The easiest ones to get into are the ones where there are several restaurants or chefs with tables serving food. Just show up at the service entrance/loading dock with a large closed cardboard box and walk in. You definitely need to walk in confidently and quickly. If anyone questions you, just say that you’re delivering stuff for the chef and you have to get it to him before he has a meltdown. Of course it’s always helpful to know which restaurants are participating, and if you think there’s a chance that you’ll get questioned you can always go to one of the participating restaurants in advance and grab some business cards from a manager which you can flash if anyone wants to know which restaurant you work for.

  26. Dodie Jacobi

    Neville, Neville, Neville!
    This whole post and followup makes me want to speak to you like the adolescent you appear to be.

    Your talent is WASTED on furthering bad behavior like party crashing. And justifying what you KNOW is wrong as, “But Steve Jobs did it,” is just whiney. Worst of all? Your “mentor” helped you start your life of lying and you’re getting positive reinforcement for this unethical behavior.

    So I get it that you’re not likely to take what I have to say with any serious consideration.

    But I encourage you to stop what you’re doing this instant, young man. You’re revealing yourself in this action, and it will follow you hereafter: it’s rather like admitting you hired someone to take your SATs for you. Ferris Buehler made a great movie and fun Superbowl commercial, but I’d never do business with him.

    One more stunt like that, and you’re outta the pool.

    1. Neville

      Dodie… me a favor and stop reading my site.
      I guarantee you will see bad behavior in the future.

      Just toss me “out of your pool” now please :-)

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  28. Tom

    Have you ever been not allowed into an event, or any serious trouble arising from trying to get in?
    If so what is the best get out clause or excuse you have come up with for it?

  29. Nicolas

    Hey Neville

    You made me lol. Do you know that people will really PAY to see you in action?

    “The map is not the territory.” It could be awesome to see you with a partner doing it (both with hidden cams) recording everything.

    The trick is to enter in the high tickets events (requested/voted by users).

    Are you up to the challenge?

    1. Neville Post author

      Actually they won’t….I originally planned on selling this as a product. The validation test was a clear “NO ONE WILL ACTUALLY PAY MONEY TO SEE THIS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD CRASH PARTIES ARE CHEAP BASTARDS ALREADY LIKE I WAS” :-)

      1. Joe

        I’m a cheap bastard, but I’d still pay a bit. Not a load of money, if I’m honest, because I couldn’t afford it, but an amount.

  30. Discos in Kent

    I have recently started a limited company in the UK and i hope i can be as succesfull as you guys, your blog is quite inspiring and gives me a push in the write direction.

    Many Thanks Phil

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  32. Joe

    Wow, thanks for this Nev. I commented on this before, but tonight I tried it for the first time.

    Bottle of water full to the brim + pretending to talk on the phone + waiting for the moment when security is temporarily distracted = £20 Olympics closing ceremony ticket becomes a £700 ticket!

  33. Luke E

    Hey Neville! I just moved to Cleveland for College and I’m very interested in crashing events like yourself. I Just wanted to ask a couple of things for when I start.

    1. I don’t run any businesses or own any companies. When I get into an event, Should I lie about my occupation and name or be honest with the other partygoers?

    2. I think that I may be rather young looking, will that factor into getting in?

    3. What’s a good way to start finding out about parties and events if I don’t have any friends in high places like yourself?

    1. Neville Post author

      1.) No….but have some things prepared. For example, I used to always have a pen and paper and ask people (after chatting to them about their successful businesses), “What was one of your GREATEST secrets of success?”

      2.) So was I….AND I’m brown. I looked more like the help than anything! Just have to work harder to blend in immediately.

      3.) I describe some of that in the post. Find all the charities in your town, keep an Excel file of all the parties (they’re almost always “annual” and occur on same dates), find the “high society” magazines of your town and look through the parties they feature pictures in.

      Best of luck!

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  35. Blaine Light

    haha I always did this, and I thought I was the only one!

    I take a different approach sometimes–I try to network my way in.

    Since moving to SF, I’ve snuck to YC Demo Day, Apple’s HQ, snuck backstage to meet with the guru Deepak Chopra, attended multitudes of conferences for free, etc.

    If you know you own the room, you own the room. Nuf said

  36. fiesta sutton

    Wonderful paintings! This is the type of info that are supposed to be shared around the net. Disgrace on the search engines for now not positioning this put up upper! Come on over and talk over with my web site . Thank you =)

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  39. Alex Gregory

    I agree wholeheartedly with all your points, Neville. Not just because they work, but I have used them for several years to get into A-list parties up here in Toronto.

    Sometimes I get press accreditation, other times we get tickets (or source some ourselves from people leaving the event) or just walk in and play it by year. It’s tough, but the “I belong here” attitude works wonders.

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  49. Kevin

    Great post, I found it through Lifehacker. I’ve crashed a few parties before, but they were more the “right place, right time” type nights. How do you find parties before hand?

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  53. Dillon

    This will be tried where I live! ;) Loved the video haha.

    I am a huge James Bond fan and this would just be a fun way for me to play the part.

    Like a secret mission haha! I’m such a nerd…..

  54. Kristy

    I use the “don’t hassle me” method for sneaking into airline lounges…but this is taking it to the next level. Challenge Accepted.


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