Monthly Archives: December 2007

Jelly: A Funny Name for Co-Working

I love this idea, and can see this being quite a big thing in a very short amount of time: Jelly.

It’s basically a funny name for co-working. This means a bunch of people gather in the same place to do their own individual work. It can be at a pre-arranged house, coffee shop or the like.

Here in Austin a guy named Dusty took the liberty to simply create a Wiki page on the Jelly website, and boom! The first Jelly Austin meeting had 20+ people come by the coffee shop to “Work Jelly.” Keep in mind that was without any real external advertising. By the third meeting, there was already a sponsor which donated some free food. Off to a great start!

The guy who kicked off the Jelly Austin took the liberty of making some nametags for everyone which always helps lighten the mood and encourages more interaction (and saves you from the moments where you forgot someone’s name after 5 minutes)!

I like this concept a lot because I do almost all my work from a computer. All I need is a power cord, wireless internet and I’m in business. Since I work at home much of the day, it’s nice to work around a bunch of people every once in a while.

I sometimes spend time socializing when I should be working, but that’s what this Jelly thing is all about! You never know who you could meet there.

If you work at home quite often or just want to work with a different set of people every once in a while, I suggest you give Jelly a try. If there’s not one in your area, I strongly encourage you to start one!