Book In Two Weeks – Day Whatever

Alright… sometime last night I finally finished all 7 chapters of the Book in Two Weeks!

You can see all chapters collected on my desktop:

Honestly it wasn’t THHAAAT hard, it’s just that I have lots of other stuff going on at the same time (who doesn’t), so I think I’m a day or two behind.

Who cares.

Time to move on.

The next agenda-item is to write the Index for the book.  This shouldn’t be too hard since it’s ONLY SEVEN CHAPTERS :-)

The next step might take a bit of extra work though.  I noticed a lot of the pictures in the book are weird sizes…and I might have to go back and re-edit a lot of them so they’re visible to the readers.

I’m also not entirely sure about how the pictures will affect the page spacing (I think has some cool tools to fix that problem).

Anywhozit….we’re a few days behind schedule, but it’s been two weeks and I HAVE indeed written a book (even though it’s just on my computer for now)!