For those young job seekers, or you unemployed slackers

Pretty much the ONE person I know who actually loves his job, and gets everything he wants out of it: Kunal Das.  Here’s how he did it (and it’s not rocket science….well….unless you’re actually a rocket scientist):

It’s always helpful if you have a little guiding light before you graduate high school or college….and you get to talk to people who do what you wanna do.

For example, in high school I wanted to be a doctor (because I’m Indian)….so I joined a two-year program where I got to leave school every-other-day for 3 hours and shadow different types of doctors.


I learned several things from “sort-of-being” a doctor:

  • I despised the sterile medical environment.
  • I was NOT the slightest bit empathetic to patients (and therefore would be an awful doctor).
  • I noticed while doctors make decent money, their work wasn’t scalable.
  • I didn’t realize doctors have to put up with SO MUCH bullshit red tape, legal concerns, and insurance company crap.

…because I got to “see my future” I immediately knew I would NOT be willing to put much work into becoming a doctor, and would surely fail when it came time to difficult exams, MCAT’s and medical school.

Most people don’t get that chance, and go BLINDLY into some profession without thinking it through.

Those people usually end up hating their jobs.

Here was a GREAT article I wrote (correction: it’s just an Earl Nightingale article I re-created) about getting a job: