How To Get "Stuff" Done

Sometimes I will find myself with a great business idea and never carry it through. These ideas are put on the back burner when things get busy and then lose their steam. This is common among people who are busy or have other ideas to pursue….and unsuccessful people. I will not let myself land up unsuccessful in the longrun.

I’ve noticed what happens:

The stages go:

-Great idea pops into my head.

-Getting excited about it.

-Working out the details.

-Only partially following through.

-Putting the project on a temporary hiatus.

-Never completing the project.

-Regretting never completing the project.

What I do now is FORCE myself to get the project done. I should have fully designed Resumite’s over 2 weeks ago, but haven’t. So on Monday morning I will put up all my flyers around the UT campus, and be “forced” to design the rest of the site so people will not see a shody website.

I also did this to learn about stock. I simply bought some stocks, and since my own money was on the line, I learned VERY quickly how to valuate a company, read financial statements etc.

Writing NevBlog greatly helps. When I post my goals, everyone can see them and question if I have completed them in time. When people mention my name, I want to be known as some who can GET THE JOB DONE.