Oops I Did It Again

I first got an iphone, then I sort of cracked the screen a little, now I completely shattered another screen!

….yet it somehow still works perfectly.

Even though I’ve cracked two…I’ve never used a case or screen protector and I don’t treat it special…so considering the abuse this thing goes through it has held up amazingly well.

How did I break it?  It involved running and texting at the same time.

Well, luckily it still works perfectly and screen replacements are only $99!


UPDATE: 4-15-2010
I express shipped myself an iPhone 3GS glass and digitizer kit from eBay to replace the screen myself….mistake.

My shattered screen made the whole removal process take a long time, plus I ALSO cracked the LCD screen behind the glass in the process!  I had to get it repaired for $120 at a cell repair place (simply replacing the glass in the first place would’ve only cost $89).