Starbucks Liquor and Updates

Here are two of my favorite Starbucks Liquor Recipes:

Basic Starbucks Liquor Drink:

Ingredients: Starbucks Liquor and Milk.
Equipment: Shaker, shot glass, pouring glass.

–Step 1–
Get your supplies: Starbucks Liquor, milk, ice and a shaker. You will also need a shot glass and a pouring glass.

–Step 2–
Mix 1 part milk and 1 part Starbucks Liquor into a shaker. Add ice and shake.

–Step 3–
Slowly pour into glass.

–Step 4–

Starbucks Liquor Frappuccino
Ingredients: Starbucks Liquor, Milk, Ice.
Equipment: Blender, shot glass, pouring glass.

–Step 1–
Put a handful of ice into the blender.

–Step 2–
Pour 2 parts Starbucks Liquor and 1 part milk in to the ice-filled blender.

–Step 3–
Blend until ice is broken up and blended.

–Step 4–
Pour into glass.

–Step 5–
Enjoy or decorate! You can add whipped cream, caramel or chocolate like Starbucks does. I chose to add some chocolate syrup in the shape of an “N”

Enjoy your drink!

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