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Weird Alexa Rankings

Do you ever use Alexa to quickly judge a website’s traffic?  I do…all the time.

On Google Chrome tab I use an SEO extension that quickly grabs all sorts of info on a website, including Alexa traffic rankings:

In case you don’t know:
The lower the number, the higher your traffic (kind of like golf).

Google is the #1 most visited site in the world, so its Alexa rank is 1.  Got it?  Good…

NevBlog is currently ranked: 170,476 (at one point I was #75,000)!
and my business HouseOfRave is ranked: 492,856

The funny thing is, House Of Rave gets a lot more visits per day than NevBlog (it used to be the reverse a few years ago).

So here is a monthly Google Analytics snapshot of NevBlog traffic (keep in mind the number is usually higher as I don’t have Google Analytics installed on all my visitor pages):

Here is a monthly Google Analytics snapshot of House Of Rave:

You’ll notice that House of Rave gets something like TWICE the traffic NevBlog gets every day, yet NevBlog’s Alexa rank is nearly THREE times lower!  Whhaaa!?

Theoretically the Alexa rankings should be switched, but they’re not. It’s not hard to figure out why:

NevBlog draws a lot more people who might be web designers or tech people….this means they’ll be more likely to have the Alexa Toolbar installed (or some variation of it), which is how Alexa gets their rankings.  I’m also presuming the larger the site, the better stat accuracy you’ll get. seems to have a more accurate view:

They got the traffic wrong (although they can’t ever TRULY know without you telling them), but they got the comparison estimates pretty close.

For January 2010, says:

  • NevBlog got 10,386 visits
  • House Of Rave got 15,202 visits

In reality, according to Google Analytics:

  • NevBlog got 14,259 visits
  • HouseOfRave 34,970 visits

    It seems the webmaster tool bar effect also applies to…but their results seem far more accurate.

    I’m curious, do your website and Alexa/Compete rankings add up??

    I’ve moved…

    …from Blogger to WordPress. It’s hard to believe I stuck with Blogger so long!  I loved Blogger, but they kicked all FTP users off.  I’m happy for that because it finally forced me to make the move and it’s great for Bloggers’ business (why use so many resources to support such a small sub-section of their clientele)?

    It actually feels kind of like a real life move.


    • Updating WordPress is WAY easier.  I used the self-hosted FTP version of Blogger, which means anytime I want to update anything on the main template, my ENTIRE site is erased from my server then re-uploaded via FTP…EVERY SINGLE TIME.
    • Customization and Plugins: There’s a plugin for pretty much anything on WordPress.
    • Migration was easy with the newly improved Blogger to WordPress tool (included with WordPress).  There was also great 301 re-direct method I used (Shout out to Adam for notifying me of this helpful BlogBloke post).  It’s not perfect, but it worked about 75% of the time to re-direct old posts to new posts (like this).

    THE BAD:

    • Adsense revenue went down from roughly $12/day to $3/day (probably because I currently have one ad instead of three).
    • I can spot a WordPress blog from a mile away.  They all have a relatively generic feel to them, even the cool looking and highly personalized themes.  The Blogger template felt old, clunky and ugly…but it was unbelievably easy to navigate the site I felt.  I’ll try to add some of the user friendliness back in.
    • Traffic dropped just slightly since people across the internet were getting to my site via broken links….but this is just a personal blog so who cares.  You can always access the old NevBlog by taking any URL and adding /old right after the

    I purposely got a template that maintains a relatively narrow reading area because I like reading like that.  The old Blogger template let me have images:

    The new WordPress template can handle images only slightly bigger:

    Anyways, enough blog talk.  If you see any weird issues, please notify via comments.  I’ll be continuously updating the template for the next week, but feedback is greatly appreciated!



    Small interesting side note, while trying to quickly finish up this post, the library closed and I got locked in.   Me and a homeless guy had to break out of the library!