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Actually Giving A Fuck

“Success leaves clues” is a fantastically short yet true statement about success.

….and after 28 years I’m starting to notice a trend about all the successful people I admire:

All of them….. Actually give a fuck.

I mean….they TRULY TRULY TRULY give a fuck about something.

I’m talking about people who have been successful for long periods of time.   Not just short bursts.

You know what….let’s just jump into a couple of examples and you’ll see what I mean:

Herb Kelleher of SouthWest Airlines (the only airline in history to stay profitable every year) – I’ve seen him speak 3 times (first |  second |  third), and I gotta say….they guy ACTUALLLLYYY cares about his employees and having as much fun as possible.  It’s allll he talks about the whole time, and you can tell he genuinely cares.  He also is a fun guy himself, and refuses to work at a company that’s not the same way.

Earl Nightingale – He’s the guy who kicked off the whole self-help market….and I’ve never heard of someone so dedicate to the quality of his work as this guy.  I’ve listened to pretty much every piece of content (that still exists) of his….and he never put out something “bad”.  His stuff is also so jam-packed with amazing advice that it leaves other stuff behind.  Sometimes I can’t believe they don’t just play his audio recordings on repeat at schools.

Howard Stern – The guy is literally MANIC on the insistance that his show be FUNNY.  To do that he’s been through massive “1st amendment” legal battles and fights with his own employers and the FCC…..all so he can “say what he wants”.  He’s consistently been the highest paid celebrity over the years because of it….all stemming from his absolute insistance that his silly little radio program “be funny”.

Steve Jobs – Watch every interview with him online (here’s one to start), and notice how god-damn-committed he is to “making the absolute BEST products on the market”.  Apple consistently does this despite people hating them (for not using Flash on iPhone & iPads, getting rid of floppy disk drives, getting rid of physical keyboards on phones etc).  I personally use a MacBook Air now….and I’ve gotta say that everything about it IS IN FACT “just waayyy better” than anything I’ve ever used before…..and it’s that extreme commitment Apple has to making incredible products that produces that feeling in me.

Gary Halbert – He’s the most revered direct response marketer I’ve ever heard of…and I love listening to anything he says….because he’s SO DAMN INSISTENT on getting his point across clearly.  He said something I’ve never forgot, “The number one mistake people make in trying to make money (online or anywhere else)… they expect to get a lot of money, without first giving a MASSSSSIIVE amount of value first.”

How to improve your writing

I’ve got several different ways you can improve your writing:

1.) The day I improved my writing, amazing things happened:

I was running a business called at the time that sold light-up and glow stuff online.  I used to make this really fancy newsletter and send it out to about 7,500 previous customers.

So I was sending an email broadcast to 7,500 people….all which whom have already paid me money.  This is the dream-list for any marketer!

However these fancy emails I sent would result in only 2 sales at most.

Until I discovered Kopywriting.  It changed everything.  The first properly copywritten email I sent out to that very same list results in 120+ sales in the first few hours, thousands of dollars in profit, and sold out inventory.

This was the moment I found out that changing the words around on a page can result in DRAMATIC changes.  

I wrote out this whole story including all the numbers, full screenshots of the old newsletters and new newsletters, and you can download the PDF file here:



2.) I made a whole Kopywriting Kourse about this very thing because people kept asking:

One of the fun things I started writing for was a little company called AppSumo, which quickly grew into a big company.  During that growth phase from 50,000 people to 500,000+ people, I wrote all the emails and developed a distinctive “style” people paid close attention to.

Naturally this level of distribution got some attention, and I was bombarded with questions about writing techniques and the psychology behind why those things worked.

We even recorded a little video about all of this:

So from there the KopywrtingKourse was born!

I originally made it in 2011, and since then thousands of people have bought it and watched it.  I’ve then re-done the videos to be even better in 2014 and added more stuff.

If I had to boil down the KopywritingKourse into one sentence it would be something like:

In less than 2 hours I will show you brain-hacks, formulas and techniques that will make you a MUCH better writer in your business and personal life…..and it won’t be boring as hell.

If you’re interested you can buy the KopywritingKourse right now and start learning immediately:

(Checkout through PayPal –> It’ll send you to the KopywritingKourse registration page –> You can get started immediately).  You can go here for more details.

That Kourse has all the things I’ve learned over the years compressed down into some super-simple formulas, techniques, templates and mind-hacks.  This Kourse has single-handedly been responsible for changing people’s businesses and incomes dramatically.

There’s even a bunch of companies where this Kourse is the only standard-issue guide they must watch before joining (because good copy permeates all areas of business, definitely not just sales pages like some people think).

Learning the proper psychology behind writing to sell has been one of the most profitable things I’ve ever done to date.  I’d highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly suggest you do the same!


Neville Medhora – Kopwriting Extraordinaire

Tracking Daily Income

Here’s something I’ve been doing just for fun:

Writing down the actual dollar value an activity has made me.

I already track my daily to-do lists pretty meticulously… after I scratch something off, I now write the amount of money it made me (if any).

Now there’s only a FEW things that literally put money in my pocket each time I do them, such as:

  • Daily profit from
  • Writing a piece of copy
  • Making sales from the Behind The Scenes product
  • Selling an ad or link on this el blog-o
  • Whatever else I do that equates to cold hard ca$h

The goal is to hit about $1,000 every weekday.
Some days I hit $1,000 easily.
Some days I miss by a few hundred.
Some days I far exceed that number.

….it’s just simply a reminder or the minimum I want to make (I always thought the minimum amount of money I’d be satisfied with is what a higher-end doctor makes).


Here’s a list of what you’ll make per month and per year if you make $XXX.xx per day.

I’m only counting weekdays to be realistic:

(I was just gonna make a boring Excel-style list….but thought Photoshopping it out would be more fun. The result actually turned out to look like an infographic)!

August 2011 Goooaaaaaallllssss

Here’s the goal set for August 2011 (forgot to post the on the 1st..d’oh)!

1.) Signup for guitar lessons (again):

I already play the guitar as you can see:

…..but I wanna get BETTER!  I’ve also become exceedingly spoiled with living downtown and not having to drive much… there’s no way in hell I’m going to drive to-and-fro to get lessons.  This means I’ll have a tutor come to my apartment once a week.

The last time I went to guitar lessons I improved dramatically….so hopefully I can do the same, and pickup new styles of guitar too.

2.) The “Write-A-Book-In-Two-Weeks” Experiment.

For some reason I’ve always just wanted to publish a book for no reason other than “I think it’d be cool to say I wrote a book.”

I have no intention to make money off this book, nor do I care if it sells even one copy…..IN FACT this project is likely to just be a big damn waste of time.  The only reason I can think of to spend the time doing this is :

“Cause it sounds cool” :-)

I’ll kick off the project mid-August.  The goal will to “write a full book in 2 weeks” and get a printed copy of it.

I didn’t write it on this goal sheet…..but I also want to start automating a little more.

Meeting the copywriting greats

I was all excited for this marketing event thingy at the lake….and the conclusion:


As you may (or may not) know, I’ve become a semi-famous copywriter in the last 4 months….and this event brings together some of the top marketers (many of whom started by writing sales copy) from around the world.

Naturally I learned a lot stuff in the seminar parts of the conference, but the real value is NOT JUST GETTING TO MEET the greats in an industry….

….but getting to hang out with them in lots of different personal settings.

THAT is where the real value sets in.

I was all excited to meet Joe Sugarman again at this conference, because since I heard of him I’ve:

  • Read everything by him
  • Studied his work
  • Copied the style of some of his work
  • Used the principles he teaches to make money for myself and others
  • Watched every YouTube video about him
  • Downloaded interviews etc….

His work has actually added a major element to the way I work….and it’s exciting to meet a personal hero of yours.

HOWEVER it’s getting to sit next to him on a 45 min bus ride to a restaurant, or go boating with him, hanging out at the pool, or simply sitting next to him at meals and getting to ask stuff you don’t hear about in his work.  This is where the networking happens…..because it’s not just “networking”…it’s actually becoming friends with someone.

Allllrriiigghhttyyy… here’s some of the highlights of the conference (well….the whole thing was a blast):

Here’s Joe Sugarman up on stage giving a talk:

Me with the great Joe Sugarman (and my Kopy shirt):

The first day of the conference, all 80+ people got on a big boat and went cruising around Lake Travis…complete with full indoor seating area, lunch buffet, three full-time jet skii’s and a wake boarding boat (not a bad day at a “boring conference” right?!):

Hanging out on a boat while Joe Polish goes tubing:

Hahah….Joe had a “tubing war” with a “hefty” Brit…..and judging by this picture I’d say he’s about to win!

We got treated to Joe speaking several times through the conference:

….and of course I got my obligatory picture:

I love all these pictures….but it’s more gratifying to hang out on a personal level with some with some other industry greats (some not so publicly-well-known) like Michael Fishman:

While hanging out at a restaurant by the lake I got a random shot of John Carlton and Joe Sugarman talking…..and with a little cropping and making the picture black & white it looks like they’re total badasses (or they’re asking “Why the fuck are you taking a picture of us?“)

Later on everyone got to hear John Carlton speak.  He had a lot of cool ways to come up with a definition of your bid-nazz as well as other advice:

…and of course, the obligatory picture with one of the greats (who was good friends with Gary Halbert….another idol of mine):

The final speaker for the whole conference was Bill Phillips.  I honestly don’t know toooo much about Bill other than he’s a HUGGGEEE figure in the fitness industry.  I’ve heard this a lot in the past….and could tell everyone was genuinely excited to meet him.

Apparently he just had major surgery on both his knees, and up till last week was confined to a wheel chair.  He can now walk a bit….but only with these massive full-leg braces.  They kept calling him The Bionic Man :-)

….and what did you expect….a PICTURE with him of course :-)

I also made sure I brought my copy of “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” by Joe Sugarman to get it signed….here it is!


Fantastic learning experience, great getting to mingle with higher-ups, lots of fun…and completely worth it :-)

I’ve scanned and posted my notes from the conference below. I dunno how much REAL value you’ll get out of them since most of it comes from BEING THERE….but here ya go, enjoy!