The HoR Product Thaaang


So remember this blog post where I timidly let everyone know I built that “How HouseOfRave Works Course“?

A friend asked, “How many would you have to sell to be happy with the results from the blog post?”

My answer was: 10

Turns out it sold a “FEW” more than that :-)

The money was a nice side effect.  But what I’m ECSTATIC about is EVERYONE…and I mean EVERYONE that has spoken with me about it (on phone or email) has been thoroughly happy with what they learned!

SO I finally finished the sales page for it.  Keep in mind, I’ve never built a sales page before so this is new to me.  It was also rather time consuming.  All the Photoshopping, re-arranging, copy writing while drinking heavily took a lot more time than I ever imagined.

I used a lot of those “cheesy internet marketing page” priciples (like making the page REALLLLLYYLY DAMMMMMNNNN LOOOOOOOONG), but I put a “Neville” twist on it so:

1.) It conveys at least some of my personality.
2.) It wouldn’t be so damn boring to make.

So without further ado <— (what does that actually mean??)
….here is the

Behind the Scenes at House Of Rave sales page